Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whoa, we have a website!

That's right! We have a website!

Ok, so it's only one page... but it's a start!

And the flood of enthusiasm we're receiving as we pursue this business more and more is incredible. From the talented friends offering to help with logo and website design, to the skilled adventurers offering to lead tours, to the family and friends who are there just to chat and offer their love and support. Thank you everyone! It makes this potentially-scary venture so much easier.

And what comes from this outpouring of support is all of the new ideas gathered! Everyone brings something new to the table. "Have you thought about trip...?", "Would you consider doing this...?". I constantly find myself looking for my notebook to jot down all these amazing ideas! Fly fishing in Canada, an urban bike trip from Chicago to Ann Arbor, backpacking on Isle Royale...

Something tells me we're never going to run out of ideas for this business...

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