Thursday, November 17, 2011

A note on "VIP"s

VIP: "Very Important Person"
n.  A person of great importance or influence, especially a dignitary who commands special treatment.

 I know it's a fairly common practice to treat certain clients differently. They get special perks, discounted pricing, the royal treatment. And in this world of actors getting a hand slap when they're instead of jail time, universities covering up crimes for fear of scandal and people becoming celebrities for absolutely no reason, it seems our whole moral code has gone out the window.

This is definitely a pet peeve, but it goes deeper than that. Why give someone special treatment over another person? Because they have money? Because they're famous? Because they travel in the right circles?

The wonderful thing about starting a business from scratch is being able to identify your company values. And one of our most important beliefs is that everyone is a VIP. It doesn't matter if you're taking a trip with your family or you're the President of the United States, everyone will be treated the same. We will work hard to provide an amazing experience for every single person who travels with us, no matter who you are.

We're one small company but, maybe, if we stand firm in our values, we might make a difference.

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