Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cross State Cycling

This idea has been on the back of our minds for awhile now.

It started from the lifelong dream of cycling cross country- taking a few months off and just exploring this amazing nation. But since Bobby and I aren't closet millionaire, trust fund babies or completely irresponsible, it's going to continue to simmer on the back burner of our fantasies for a little while.

But it's how our cross state idea came about. We were walking along the Huron with shop dog, talking about our 30 Before Thirty lists. One of his is to take a motorcycle/backpacking trip with a couple of his Army buddies when one of them gets back from Afghanistan next year.
And in the midst of the bungee-jumping and wine-tasting-in-Italy fantasies, we both came up with biking across Michigan. From Ann Arbor, up the east coast, all the way to Mackinac Island.

The 340 some miles sounded daunting, but soon visions of small town charm, local eateries and inns along the way, horseback riding and ice cream on the island filled our heads. This could be incredible!

At a leisurely pace, we could comfortably ride 60-70 miles in a day, with frequent stops for dining, exploring and relaxing, making it a 5-6 day ride with a day or two days on the island. Add transportation for the trip home and I think we're onto something!

The only question is... are we the only crazy ones? Would anyone want to take this trip? I guess we'll find out as we dive into it further!

oh, Mackinac Island, how I love you!

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