Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Craziness!

Well it has been a month of crazy holiday parties, long work days and shorter days. Which is why it is easy to get distracted from time in the great outdoors and other passions. However, at Great Lakes Adventure Travel we stand firm in the belief that whether you have 30 minutes or 30 days you can get outside and enjoy this time of year.
In fact we are planning a section of the Coast to Coast trail after the Holiday Season has ended. If you are unfamiliar with this trail system that is not uncommon. In fact I only learned about it a few years ago and have been interested in doing some winter hiking/nordic skiing along its terrain. The trail is broken up into approximately 3 sections and the one we are planning on hiking starts in Oscoda, MI and follows the Au Sable River, which is known for its trout and steelhead fishing.
We are planning on this trip lasting 3 day and 2 nights and will be an experience that we are looking forward to.

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